About Us

 Screamin Eagle Enterprises LLC  

 Mission:  Be a Blessing to Everyone

Goal:  Make the best pickles on the planet and share the love with as many people as possible. 

I believe that all people regardless, of race, religion, or gender are equal........but not all pickles are equal. The grand diversity of this world is what makes it wonderful. Sadly most people will be limited to a less than diverse selection of pickles.........and will subsist on commercially mass produced "uniform"  generic flavor profiles one size fits all kind of pickles.   

SpecialTEEpickles offers you a choice:

  • Homemade, small batch, gourmet pickles, lots of flavor profiles, made with authentic fresh ingredients, made by hand, with a little love in each jar.
  •  Shrubs-  Yummy drinks made with fresh fruit or vegetables and a little vinegar. They are also really good for you.
  • Special Accessories that are either handmade or vintage for making and eating pickles.
  • TEE shirts- Original designs, wear the love.

Currently,  SpecialTEEpickles operates only in the DFW area of Texas. We make everything from scratch homemade with the best ingredients around.  If you want more information about that follow this link http://texascottagefoodlaw.com/ to learn about the cottage laws.

That means you can only get the pickles and shrubs in DFW or Chicago area.

Everything else we can mail to you.

Our goal is to build or purchase our very own brick and mortar location so that we can make even more pickles and share even more love. That is why we are also selling tee's and specialty equipment for making and enjoying pickles.

Sharing the love starts with giving you a choice at checkout you can select a charity/cause of your choice and we will donate a portion of the profit from each order.