A babe’s shrub drink should make your mouth smile.  The flavor should burst all over your taste buds. When you take your first drink your mouth should be sending this message to brain…..full of flavor, happy, energetic, authentic, fun.  


Our shrub drinks are made with premium ingredients- real fruit and vegetable juice, spices, and splash of vinegar.  If you are not already aware the benefits of vinegar it’s amazing but most people don’t like the smell or taste – trust me, you won’t know the vinegar is in there.  Before there were all those yucky preservatives there was vinegar and people would macerate fruit and mix it with vinegar then dilute it later in drinks. 

That’s one of the fun things about Babes- you can drink it as is straight or mixed. Look at the recipe page for ideas.

Our first 2 flavors are Pickled Cucumber Juice and Pickled Pineapple Juice.  I know you’re thinking Heck no – I dare you to try it.

We hope that when you drink Babes you feel peace and luv. Happy mouth, happy body, happy mind. 


Peace,Luv, & Shrubs

Currently only available in the DFW and Chicago areas


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